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Emission-free coating systems for industrial floors...

...for the sake of health and environment!

Nearly “zero” emission

We live and work by the shores of the North Sea, and we are experts on clean air.
There is an ever increasing number of rules, regulations, schedules, approvals and directives coming into force. What does this tell us?

That, with the best of intentions, ever more complex regulations are created to protect people’s health and the environment!

We abstain from using nonylphenol / alkylphenol and thus prove that it is possible to succeed by using responsibly formulated coating substances that are free from these environmental toxins. Although these materials are not banned yet, other manufacturers have followed our example!

Now, we are taking the next step.

With our new product series AB-ZEROPOX (free from benzyl alcohol) and AB-ZEROPUR, we have developed qualities that contain a minimum of solvents and – within only a few days - fulfil the strictest emission standards on harmful coating substances.

The AgBB (Association for Health Evaluation of Construction Materials) is responsible for these standards.

Room air is measured at intervals of 3, 7 and 28 days (edition 2008), including a preliminary reaction period of three additional days.

Our AB-ZEROPOX and AB-ZEROPUR qualities already meet these standards after 3 or within 7 days respectively.

That means: All our primers, coatings and cover varnishes are emission-free!

Best possible “work climate” everywhere

Tested with favourable results
Our AB-ZEROPOX and AB-ZEROPUR qualities fulfil particularly high requirements to room climate, and are thus suitable for nursery schools, production halls, schools, laboratories, sales and office space, wellness zones etc. As usual, the systems can be composed and tailored to the specific strain and requirements. Whether sound- absorbing, bridging cracks, hard-and-tough/elastic with AB-ZEROPUR, or highly stressable with AB-ZEROPOX, our product series come with the usual wide range of properties.

Sealing alone is not enough
ABP has a professional solution. Instead of applying a sealing to reduce harmful emission, we offer a system that is sustainable in the first place. That means: Zero emission. Our solutions are healthier, more eco-friendly and in the long run more economic.

The future-proof coating

A proactive approach
The awareness for environment issues is growing and health aspects are coming increasingly into focus. That means: Any investment made today implies a great responsibility for human health and the environment. AB-ZEROPOX and AB-ZEROPUR are a contribution to the active protection of people’s health and environment..

When developing new products ABP has always kept in touch with users. Onsite specialists with lots of practical experience who daily apply square meters and square meters of coating appreciate the good processing properties of ABP products. ABP materials are user-friendly, easy to process and costeffective.

Wide scope of applications
The range of feasible coating properties is most diver- sified. Whether the flooring is for industrial purposes or for a cultural facility, requirements to floor coatings vary. ABP offers you a wide scope of products – also tailored to your special requirements.

Please dialogue with us

We are experts on coatings
Our outstanding expertise on coating is the result and backed by a decadelong history of experience. We are constantly expanding our know-how and put it to future- proof use.

Easy and effective
That’s what we are known for:
Short distances, fast solutions without buts and ifs. We know the market’s requirements, deadline pres- sure, cost reduction etc. etc...

We will always do our best to support your projects, and we do it our way:
Honestly, reliably and through sustainable practice.

We live quality
To us from ABP, top quality is just as normal as the clean air we breathe at the North Sea coast: A benefit also appreciated by our customers. Test our ABP quality and convince yourself!

Please contact us if you want to know more on our products.

Top-quality for any product is achieved only with a motivated and qualified team, innovative research and development and a con- sistently safe production technology. Precisely these preconditions are mirrored in our industrial floor coatings, cast elastomers and the new, innovative corrosion protection products. The products are manufactured on the basis of epoxy resins, polyurethane and polyurea. They document the excellent quality and competence of ABP-Chemie.

Together with a culture of open and fair customer relationships, we guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

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