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Chowgule group which was founded in 1916 has emerged from modest beginnings to a diverse industrial group with its presence in areas such as Iron Ore mining and pelletization, Ship building, Industrial Explosives, Industrial Salt, Automobile dealership, Industrial Gases, Truck Mounted Cranes, and more recently a port, in addition to construction chemicals. The Chowgule brand is a trusted name that has been steadily built up over the last 96 years.

Chowgule ABP Coatings (India) Pvt Ltd.

Chowgule ABP Coatings (India) Pvt Ltd, the company with its headquarters in Mumbai is a joint venture between Chowgule Group and German-based AB Polymerchemie GmBH. The company, which was founded in 2010, specializes in industrial floor coating systems based on epoxy and polyurethane resins. We provide services which cater to the aviation, automotive, electronic, pharma & food, steel, parking areas, paper & textile, hotels & Hospitals and many more industries. We also provide to all classes of customers through the network of our authorized applicators.

Our Partners

We have always aspired and insisted on delivering products of highest quality that can perform in tropical climates. For this, Chowgule ABP Coatings (India) Pvt Ltd, has collaborated with German partners. While working with Germans, Chowgule ABP Coatings (India) Pvt Ltd, has always found many synergies in their ethics and approach to business. We produce a wide range of products that are acceptable as per their quality standards, not only in domestic but also in the US and EU market space.

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