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Chowgule ABP Anti-corrosive coatings are especially designed for the protection of steel structures used in hydraulic engineering and offshore constructions.

Offshore and onshore applications: Steel coatings which long last and have abrasive resistance are necessary for the success of protecting metal structures in these harsh environments. A true “single coat” system, which is nearly solvent free (VOC < 2 %), is the answer to minimize the risk of coating failures. To achieve an excellent corrosion protection we recommend using the approved corrosion protection coatings, AB-COR® 950 SW (An epoxy based anti corrosion coating) and AB-COR® 971

Structural engineering and power plant construction: Long lasting corrosion protection is a priority in structural engineering and in power plant construction. AB-COR® 950 SW due to its excellent anti corrosion properties is the right choice for these constructions.

Atmospheric corrosion protection: Metal, especially steel, is a wide spread, universal construction material, which is worldwide available. Because of its good constructive design options it can be used for all kind of structures. To keep the good properties of metal, the surface must be long-term protected against weathering due to water, dirt, air pollution, acid rain and UV-radiation. AB-COR® systems are giving metal structures optimum protection against atmospheric events and the resulting corrosion.

Chowgule ABP Coatings provide epoxy flooring systems and services to overcome the above issues. To know more about the cost of epoxy flooring please contact us on

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