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An epoxy coating is a type of thick protective material that’s used to cover things, anything from floors and major appliances to small electronics, to protect them from damage or wear. Along with being very durable, epoxy resins are also resistant to rust and chemical corrosion, and as such are popular in a number of different industries and for many different uses.

Protection of concrete floors has been neglected in Industrial factories. Industrial floors usually experiences - impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. Cement being the main component of concrete floors, creates dust from wear and abuse.

The main purpose of industrial flooring is to provide protection to the slab from deterioration, contamination and provide some added benefits such as, wear and tear, antiskid, chemical resistance, easy maintenance, physical performance, aesthetics etc.

Chowgule ABP Coatings provides a range of products that are versatile in application from roller applied floor coatings to self leveling toppings.

Our range of high strength epoxy floor toppings are used to provide extreme resistance to wear, impact and chemical attack. Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are used on heavy duty factory floors of industries like pharmaceuticals, automotive, engineering, hangars and warehouses and other areas requiring high durability and low maintenance.

• Pre-pigmented resins hence consistency in color is maintained
• No mixing at sit is required
• Uniform color dispersion
• Consistency in consecutive batches is maintained
• No color separation and streak formation

AB POX 465: Two-component epoxy based and solvent free (VOC < 2%) multi floor coating with filler addition up to 100%.
AB POX 463: Two-component epoxy based and solvent free (VOC < 2%) self-levelling coating with filler addition up to 30% - 50%.
AB POX 782: Two-component water-based, solvent free (VOC < 140 g/l) epoxy sealer, coloured and silk matte finish.
AB POX 466 WI: Two-component epoxy based solvent free (VOC < 2%) coating for walls and floors.
AB POX 480: Two-component epoxy based solvent free (VOC < 1%) filled coating, textured, thixotrope and coloured.

Chowgule ABP Coatings provide epoxy flooring systems and services to overcome the above issues. To know more about the cost of epoxy flooring please contact us on

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