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Polyurethane coatings are particularly recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical and physical resistance is required.

PU topping used for industrial flooring, is ideally suited in areas where a seamless, joint free finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Laboratories, clean rooms, and general light industry are some of the environments that can benefit from this system.

Our range of industrial floorings is tough, elastic, easy to clean, have high chemical and mechanical resistance suitable for heavy duty floors, cold storage applications and warehouses.
• Hard wearing - durable with low maintenance costs
• Good abrasion resistance. Withstands foot and vehicular traffic
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids
• Seamless - easily cleaned to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Self-smoothing properties provide a flat high gloss finish
• Hygienic

AB PUR 375: Two-component solvent free (VOC < 2%) polyurethane multi floor coating, tough, hard and elastic.
AB PUR 701: One-component low solvent content (< 10%) polyurethane top coat with VOC < 2%, coloured and silk matte finish.
AB Zero PUR 870: One-component solvent free (VOC < 2%) polyurethane top coat, colourless, silk matte finish and UV resistant.
AB PUR 315: Two-component PU based, solvent free (VOC < 2%), coloured, crack-bridging coating ideal for industrial, car park and Cold Storage applications (Always sealed with a system specific top coat).
AB PUR 720: Two-component PU based, UV resistant, coloured, silk gloss top coat, resistant to tyre marks and chemical softeners.
AB PUR 751: Two-component PU based, solvent free (VOC < 35%), UV and high weather resistant, coloured top coat or sealer in silk matte finish.

Chowgule ABP Coatings provide epoxy flooring systems and services to overcome the above issues. To know more about the cost of epoxy flooring please contact us on

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