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AB PUR 375

2-component polyurethane self leveling coating, coloured.

Features & Benefits
It is a multifunctional industrial floor coating which is suitable for use on a variety of substrates e. g. concrete, cement screed, mastic asphalt (indoor), latexfalt, timber, steel, aluminium, The combination of high impact resistance, high compressive strength and its crack-bridging properties makes AB-PUR 375 the best and most economical system choice for use in production plants, sales areas, warehouses, exhibition halls, garages and showrooms.

Areas of Application
Can be used over concrete, cement screeds, mastic asphalt(indoor), latexfalt, timber, steel, aluminium, magnesia and anhydrite/gypsum(consult us?) Ideal for production plants, sales areas, warehoused, exhibition halls, garages and showrooms. Highly UV resistant with higher abrasion and chemical resistance.

Pack Sizes
30 kg

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