Grease Removal System
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Concrete Densifier
Decorative Finishes
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Antistatic/ESD in Epoxy & PU
Cold Storage Flooring

A complete long lasting easy to install and guaranteed solution for contaminated substrates which is completely environmentally friendly and non-hazardous during application. This Grease removal and contaminant treatment process to rehabilitate the concrete surfaces making them suitable to receive any type of flooring.


  1. As the test cores indicate, cleaning can take place to considerable depth without damage to concrete.
  2. Coverage upto 1000 sqmts per 8 hr. shift.
  3. Fully Mechanised process right from surface preparation to removal of contaminants.
  4. Concrete will not lose alkalinity
  5. No toxic fumes, dust or disruptive noise during application.
  6. No interruption of other activities.
  7. Cost effective.


  • GRS C
  • GRS D

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